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Welcome to this little resource site for those that are looking to buy Hoodia Gordonii online from a source available online. There are a lot of Hoodia sites available but you need to be careful so that you end up purchasing a quality product. The sites I've listed here have been around for a long time now so you can be sure that you'll not only get a quality product, but that you'll actually get what you ordered.

Note: At the time of writing, all offers, prices and details were as accurate as I could determine. When you proceed to buy Hoodia Gordonii online, please be sure and check each site to get the latest prices and product offerings.

Hoodia Gordonii Products

Sometimes called the "miracle cactus", Hoodia (a bitter-tasting cactus-like plant) first made headlines in North America via a report done in 2004 by 60 minutes entitled African Plant May Help Fight Fat. The previous year there had been a simular article published by the BBC entitled Sampling the Kalahari Hoodia diet. Since then, there has been an explosion of products containing Hoodia Gordonii and being marketed as an appetite suppressant that can be used as part of a weight loss or management plan.

With so many products on the market and your desire is to buy Hoodia Gordonii online, it's important that you purchase some from a reputable source as the company Alkemists Pharmaceuticals has done studies which show that many Hoodia Gordonii products don't actually contain any Hoodia at all. Since there's been such a demand for Hoodia Gordonii, the plant has actually been listed as an endangered species. Because of that, there are a number of things a company must do in order to import Hoodia such as have both CITES and USDA permits. You should also check that the product has been tested by a independent lab to ensure it's real and that the product uses pure Hoodia Gordonii.

If you've decided that Hoodia will be right for your weight loss plan but are wondering where can I buy Hoodia, the good news is that you can order some bottles right now while you're online. Below I've listed some of what I consider the best hoodia products so be sure and review each one of them before you buy Hoodia Gordonii online.

Unique Hoodia - My #1 Recommended Hoodia Product

Unique Hoodia

In my opinion, Unique Hoodia is the best choice if you want to buy Hoodia Gordonii online. With this product, you take 3 pills a day giving you a daily dosage of 1,485mg which is the most out of any other option. Unique Hoodia is made from 100% South African Hoodia, is not an extract and contains no fillers or binders so each capsule gives you nothing but 100% pure Hoodia Gordonii. Clinical studies have shown that pure dried Hoodia Gordonii powder, which is what is used in Unique Hoodia, can reduce calorie intake by up to 2,000 calories per a day!

This product has all the certificates to prove it's pure and is also manufactured in CGMP approved facilities. They also offer a 6 month money back guarantee on your purchase. Even though Unique Hoodia contains more pure hoodia than any other, it's actually one of the best priced choices costing you only $1.09 to $1.83 a day depending on how many bottles you order! On some orders there's even a number of bonus products thrown in to make it even better.

Note! At the time of writing, there's a 10% limited time discount code of UHCR10 so now would be the perfect time to buy Hoodia Gordonii online and order yourself some Unique Hoodia!

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Hoodia Gordonii Plus

Hoodia Gordonii Plus

Although Hoodia Gordonii Plus is primarily marketed as a Hoodia product, each capsule includes some additional items that they claim will assist you with your weight loss efforts. Because of those additional items, you need to take 2 of the capsule per day to get the full 400mg worth of pure South African Hoodia Gordonii. Each capsule also includes Magnesium, Garcinia Cambogia extract and also some green tea extract.

Hoodia Gordonii Plus can be purchased from $1.33 to $1.11 per serving (2 capsules a day) depending on how many bottles you purchase. As a bonus when you purchase Hoodia Gordonii Plus, you get lifetime access to their results based online fitness program, an ebook containing many weight loss tips, and an MP3 with subliminal messages to help you with your weight loss. This product is a decent option if you're ready to buy Hoodia Gordonii online.

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Other Weight Loss Products

Although great results can be had with Hoodia Gordonii you may not be sure if you want to buy Hoodia Gordonii online just yet. Instead, you may want to try some of these other products that have also been shown to help with weight loss.


Proactol Fat Binder

The fat binder Proactol can help anyone to lose some weight by reducing a persons dietary fat intake by up to 28%. Taking this daily pill also helps to suppress ones appetite, cholesterol levels and food cravings.

A real benefit to Proactol, unlike the vast majority of similar products, is that it's been clinically tested and is completely safe for use. Visit the site and read more about what it means that Proactol has been certified for the treatment of obesity and weight management and has also received the CE mark of approval for safety and efficacy (the ability of a drug to elicit a beneficial clinical effect).

The price for Proactol ranges from as low as $1.50 per day up to $3.00 per day depending on how many months supply you purchase. With purchases of more than 2 months, you'll get free shipping. When you purchase more than 4 months of the fat binder Proactol, you even get some bonus products such as full access to a weight loss help web site.

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